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With the tough economic time these days, maintaining a profitable business can be quite a challenge for many companies and entrepreneurs. Customers are also becoming even more sophisticated and they have always been looking for more convenient and hassle-free ways to obtain the products and services they require.

If you own a business, you have to obtain a competitive edge to stay on top of the market. This is actually where FlexWeb AS comes in.

Founded in January 2008 and have worked in the online field for years, we have obtained expertise and knowledge about the best online services that will benefit each of our customers. FlexWeb AS has been established as a result of competing individuals joining force to form a stronger internet-related business that will bring them to sophisticated levels of success.

Over the years, we have provided workshops, strategy gatherings, lectures and technical solutions to small and big companies and organizations to assist them in achieving their goals. This includes delivering websites, campaign sites, webshops and different tools for marketing, such as email newsletter services, split testing services and integrations to Google AdWords.

We are also pleased to delivering great online marketing in the form of SEO to many companies, regardless of their sizes and the types of business they have. During the last three years we have transcended more into delivering Software as Service solutions, with EasyEdit content management system, EasyCart webshop and EasyMail newsletter solution.

Our core business is to help companies build and keep an up-to-date and selling website or webshop. We are also committed to helping them fully understand technical and obtain enough knowledge to optimize the site to sell better.

The persons behind the company have been working with Internet as a communication platform since 1996. The basis of all we do is marketing in action: We work for our software to provide you with a great marketing advantage. Nothing pleases us more than hearing the reports from our customers that get more visibility in Google, getting more sales and more response after starting to use our tools and knowledge.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best tools to succeed online, to gain competitive advantage over others and extend your customer reach.

Our clients are our main priority and our one core value is to be available to our paying customers, to solve their problems, and keep them and their clients happy.


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